5 Types of Students

There is famous saying: “you learn something new every day“. And the truth is, you do. Whether it is at the beginning of our studies or close to retirement, we are all students every day of our lives. There’s always something new to learn, whether it be at school, undertaking a new challenge, or life lessons.

Each one of us has a different learning style, a non-transferable study method,  and a unique approach and style. From elementary school onwards, each one of us learns to categorize our peers and identify different character types in a group. Who has not had at least one nerd in their class, an intellectual, someone who always arrives late, and a volunteer?

Today we are going to identify five types of students, classified by personality, study method and attitude. We will not focus on any particular level of study, but instead use broad figures that can be found anywhere in the study cycle. Let’s start!

The Nerd

The figure of the Nerd has only appeared in recent years, since it is directly related to technology. A Nerd is a fan of technology and video games who shows little interest in sports and social relations, especially with members of the other sex. These are usually people with sectoral interests who show an inclination towards scientific and technical subjects, such as mathematics and technology. Even their dress sense follows a very precise cliché. They tend to dress in a somewhat antiquated manner, with old-fashioned loafers and waistcoats, very thick spectacles and a slightly untidy appearance. Nerds excel in areas that interest them and are usually impeccable students.

The Scholar or swot

This is a classic student always attentive and prepared. They may seem like an ancestor of the Nerd or at the least a distant relative, but there are differences. Firstly, a Nerd is sectoral, while the scholar strives to do well in all subjects and doesn’t differentiate between one subject or another. In addition, the Nerd studies to meet their need for knowledge in specific fields, while the scholar studies just for the pleasure of studying.

For teachers, both at school and in college, the scholar is a model student, but it is also true that they tend to lack originality. They merely learn perfectly what they are given, without bringing any of their own  personality to it.

The outstanding student

This is the best student in all areas and disciplines. They are not scholars but manage to excel without neglecting other aspects of their lives, such as social relations, leisure and affection. The outstanding student studies just enough, and then spends time on activities and reading that stimulate them. They are never trivial and have their own style, dress sense and even their own way of doing things.. Usually, they have a very organized way of studying, that also leaves room for originality, therefore getting the maximum benefit from all learning situations. Both in school and in all areas of their life, the outstanding student can impose themselves with their own unique and sometimes eccentric personality.

The slacker

This is the student who loafs around and has no motivation. It’s the classic student who is capable, but just can’t be bothered. Regardless of the proposed activity, they always think they have something better to do and can drain the enthusiasm of even the most passionate and inspired teacher. Well, maybe we’re exaggerating just a little!

We know that even the laziest student, in the right situation and with adequate stimuli, can rediscover their desire to do things and learn. It could be that a specific reason has interrupted their learning process, which in turn may be a disappointment or a misconception of learning. Nothing is more satisfying for a teacher than to awaken the pleasure of learning in one of their students!

The disorganized student

What teacher has not been annoyed when faced with the classic excuse such as: “I didn’t know!”, “I didn’t write it in my diary!” or “But, when was that decided?” Unfortunately, this is how some students are. Disorganized students remain true to themselves under any circumstance and in any area: forgetting appointments, continually arriving late at the gym, having no method in their schoolwork, tending to cause problems in team projects, etc. Our personality gives us a certain style and method we use to learn, and someone who is disorganized and usually arrives late, will unfortunately tend to be the same with study commitments, whether they be academic or not. Both the slacker as well as the disorganized student, would benefit from a good study methodology and strategies to help them improve.

If fields of knowledge are endless so are types of students and learning styles. And what about you? What kind of student are you? If you have always loved studying or on the contrary, have had problems in school, ABA English has the right method for you. Ours is a natural, simple and affordable method adapted to any learning style and for any timetable.

Try our course today!
Try our course today!

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