12 + 1 things that you can do with your English level

Spanish people are increasingly worried about achieving their preferred level of English, whether it be for getting promoted at work, being able to travel without having to worry about the language or simply just to be able to communicate with people from other countries. This is shown in a study carried out by ABAEnglish.com, an online academy which specialises in a unique learning method which is based on watching short films. 27% of Spanish students have spent more than ten years trying to achieve their desired level.

After hours,days and years spent studying and dedicating our time to learning the language, what can we do with our command of the English language? The academy ABAEnglish.com suggests 12 + 1 uses in relation to your level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Beginners (A1)

Do you have a basic understanding of English but feel insecure about what you have actually learnt at the same time? Then you’re a beginner!

Take your first steps in English

You are still not able to use the language in any practical work situation but you can already start to greet and introduce yourself to people from other countries.

Manage a football team

The former England football coach, Italian Fabio capello went on to state that to manage his team: “I only needed 100 words”. If you’ve got football management in your blood, you can start to make yourself understand.

Lower Intermediate (A2)

You already have a base knowledge of English. If you are already able to get a general sense of simple texts then then you are more than a beginner!

Communicate your emotions

In terms of its grammar, English is a relatively easy language to use but Fabio Capello certainly needed a wide variety of words to communicate emotions or express his annoyance to the players. Start sharing feelings with your closest friends thanks to the 2,000 words which you have taken in.

Don’t stop chatting

Do you know anyone else who studies English? You can help each other improve! Also try arranging with someone once a week to talk on chat or even by video call.

Intermediate (B1)

You have certain experience with English and you can describe situations and events using a continued level of coherent language.

Spend a weekend in London

If you’re dying to see the world but you haven’t taken that step yet out of fear of not being understood nor understanding people from other countries, then this is the moment!

Find an English speaking partner

Now you have around 3,000 words in your vocabulary, you have enough to be able to strategically plan and conquer the foreigner that you have been enamoured with.

Upper Intermediate (B2)

If you are already able to understand key points of complex texts independently as well as creating improvised speech, then this is your level.

Read your favourite book… but now in English

Get lost in your favourite book again but this time, get used to reading in English. It goes without saying that this will take you longer than if you were to read it in Spanish.

Read magazines and newspapers

If you like gossip and always want to be up to date with the news, then why not do it in English? With your level you are now able to understand all types of written content.

Enjoy films in their original version

Don’t miss the chance to see films in their original version which is a good way to practise listening. If you’re brave enough, you should even try to do it without subtitles.

Advanced (C1)

Can you understand complex texts and communicate fluently with native speakers? Then you are definitely at an advanced level of English!

Sail through your job interviews

Are you tired of not getting your preferred job because of your English level? It’s time for this to change because you’re at an advanced level and can sail through meetings with native English speakers.

Go and see plays and musicals in English

Make the most of when a foreign company stops by your city as part of their tour just the same as you shouldn’t miss a good play when you travel to an English speaking country.

Business (C1)

If you communicate almost perfectly in English including in work environments, congratulations! A native speaker will definitely find it difficult to figure out where you come from.

Dare to do an internship in an English-speaking country

You are professionally prepared to to work in another language, therefore if the situation arises where you have the opportunity to work in another country, don’t hesitate to accept the offer.

It’s time to negotiate

You’re an expert in all areas of the language which is used for international communication. That being said, it’s up to you to negotiate and improve your chances of success.

Whatever your level of English, academies like ABA English which are specialised in improving students’ experiences thanks to an intuitive method which is based on short films, It’s possible to learn more words and increase your level and reach the level that best suits you in a fun and effortless way.

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