10 applications that will make your life easier

New technologies change our lives everyday more and more. There are those who argue that for better and others who argue that for the worse, but generally speaking any innovation, used in moderation can make life easier.

We have compiled 10 applications that will certainly help you to better organize your time and your resources and thus be able to get the most out of them as well as maximising your time during the day.


Do you have trouble concentrating if there is a lot of noise? This application gives you the option to forget about the world around you by creating a personalized environmental “noise”. You can choose between 16 different sounds, which you can select and combine with each other by setting the volume of each one. In addition, it comes with a space to write, without distractions and with a background that changes colour gradually, to help you maintain focus on what you are doing.


Ideal for all ages, this application will help you avoid falling into the temptation of constantly wanting to read your messages on WhatsApp or other social networks. How does it work? It’s simple, just put in the amount of time you require during which you need to concentrate on a specific task and “start growing your plant”. If you leave the app to take a look at your messages or something similar, the plant will die. On the other hand, if you complete your session, your plant will become a tree in your forest.

Google Keep

Do you like to use post it notes? Google Keep is practically an online and multimedia version of the all famous post-it, which allows you to make lists and reminders accessible from anywhere thanks to the clouding service. You can add photos or assign specific colours to your notes, making your notes even more detailed. In the mobile version of the app you can also create audio notes, if you are running short on time.


With the passage of time, life seems to flow faster and faster, becoming chaotic if each day we add more and more activities to our schedule. Todoist helps you organize everything, to assign priorities to what you have to do, marked with different colours, and you can synchronize it with Gmail or Outlook, or share your projects or ideas with other users.


Surely it has already happened to you: you start looking for something on the Internet and you end up going down a rabbit hole of interesting content, but you don’t have the time to delve too deep into any of them at that particular moment. This is when Pocket comes to your aid. In a digital world full of new and constant ever changing information, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we have available. Thanks to Pocket you can select your desired content, saving everything you find in a single space to read it at a later stage when you have more time.


Problems managing money? Here you have an app that will help you understand how you spend your earnings and discover how to save correctly. The app connects your banking information securely and controls how you manage your budget for the month or week. In case you lose your phone, you can even block access to the application!


Have you ever heard of brain training? This topic always generates some sort of controversy, however, something which is clear is that to maintain the brain, we have to offer it constant stimuli. Lumosity offers a series of cognitive exercises that contribute to improving the performance of your brain, classified according to the skills you may need to improve: speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving.


Do you lead a frantic life? The best we can do is slow it down a bit and take a moment for ourselves. Inisighttimer is an app that helps you meditate with the help of Tibetan bowls that serve as an alarm to remind you to be mindful of the present moment.Two interesting aspects of this application are being able to see how many people from around the world have meditated and follow sessions led by other members of the community.


Do you like to exercise with music and with someone who motivates you to do the exercises? With Aaptiv you will feel that you are in the company of a personal trainer who, in addition to guiding you with more than 150 exercises and motivating you, will accompany you in the midst of those exercises that can sometimes be a bit boring.

ABA English

And finally, we could not forget our application, since knowing English is crucial if you want to move or travel around the world. Our app puts you in touch with your personal teacher, offers a wide variety of written and oral exercises and allows you to create a thematic vocabulary, especially thanks to the ABA-moments. Our application allows anyone who has little time to communicate in English in day-to-day situations.

Did you know that if you sign up as a free ABA English student, you get free access to 144 video grammar classes which start at beginner level going all the way up to advanced. Sign up today and start studying with us to improve your English.


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  1. An amazing blog, George.
    The apps as very motivating which help in learning English better.

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