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Smart Learning® from ABA English: learn English with what you like

Do you remember when you reached the top of that majestic mountain, when you got to the end of the book that changed your life, when you graduated from school, the day you met your true love, when you got your dream job…? All of these are unforgettable experiences.

Why are some situations easy to remember? Why do we simply forget so many others?

The answer lies in our emotions. These play a fundamental role in our memory. Events that are important and full of emotion are more likely to be remembered.

This principle also applies to learning English, no matter if you’re learning at an English academy online or in person.

How many times have you tried to memorise grammar rules in vain? You study, read, listen, review, and the next week, despite all that training, you don’t remember a thing.

It’s possible that what you’re trying to learn doesn’t stick with you because you don’t feel connected to it. It doesn’t awaken your passion or emotions.

At ABA English, we want to show you another way of learning English. Keep reading this article to discover more about this method, which is being used by more than 30 million students around the world.





We learn what interests us

When your mind is triggered by a pleasant experience, this is catalogued in your memory as important and is then easier to recall.

The opposite happens with experiences that are tedious, routine, or unimportant. These are more likely to be forgotten.


It’s easier to remember what’s enjoyable.


The learning method in our English academy online, Smart Learning®, is based on the fact that you learn better and more efficiently if you do so through content that you like. Training and advancing in the language will happen effortlessly. 

We all know that finding time to study and staying motivated is a big challenge for everyone. This is why all of our efforts have been focused on creating the best possible learning experience, where learning becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.



This means creating a 360º experience with a strong focus on content personalisation, visual elements, and innovative formats.

What we’re trying to do with this isn’t to “study” English, but to use it. Learning lies in practice.


How does Smart Learning® work?


We believe that the most efficient way to learn English is through content that you truly enjoy. You should also be able to freely shape your own learning path.

What we offer is a unique, 360º learning experience in which the entire English course is enhanced through daily doses of carefully produced content on a wide variety of topics that meet your needs.



On the one hand, we offer an English course designed to allow for active training with everyday situations that can be found anywhere. The course covers the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) syllabus up to level C1. When you complete each level, you can get an official certificate to endorse your knowledge.

On the other hand, we offer a complementary and immersive mobile experience with content that’s updated daily. This includes a wide variety of topics such as science, technology, travel, business, entertainment, personal growth, and much more.

From podcasts to video lessons, you can incorporate content about a variety of real-life topics and situations into your learning experience, such as asking for a pay rise or vocabulary about a particular industry.


Microlessons: content that grabs your attention 


One key element of the Smart Learning® method is our offer of unique, personalised content in formats that fit your schedule and needs.

Maybe you want to learn English to boost your career, to take a trip, or simply for pleasure.

At ABA English, we know that each person is different and that interests can vary according to personal taste, age, expectations, and motivation.

We have also learnt that when you’re studying something you like, it is much easier to absorb. The next day, you’ll want to come back to our English academy online to learn something new.

This is why we’ve developed microlessons, new daily content about a wide range of topics that is personalised with different formats and a clear learning objective.



Unlike in school, you won’t have to deal with mountains of information. Instead, you’ll learn English gradually, through short, enjoyable lessons tailored to your interests and presented in innovative formats including:


  • chat rooms (Live chat)
  • podcasts
  • speaking classes
  • tutorials
  • and much more!



Different from other methods


A study conducted by researchers from the universities in Barcelona and Valencia evaluated the effectiveness of the ABA English learning method and found that 20 hours of our course offered the same results as a conventional 6-month course in an American university. 

What makes Smart Learning® from ABA English a unique and effective experience? Here are just a few highlights:

  • You’ll learn English through content you actually like.
  • You can freely shape your learning.
  • You’ll enjoy a 360º learning experience through an English course that is enriched with daily doses of content tailored to your interests and needs.
  • There are no limits to the new and exciting ways to create content that fits your needs and interests.



The only way to achieve your goal of speaking English is to be consistent. Practicing and creating a routine are key. 

At ABA English, we know that it can be easy to lose the motivation that drives us to stay consistent. Our greatest challenge is to create a course that gets better every day and to develop content that’s more attractive and effective so that you won’t feel like you’re making a huge sacrifice when it comes to learning.

Our goal is for you to have access to the best tool for learning based around the content that you’re interested in.

If you’re curious and want to try the course, we invite you to register and download the app. Take advantage of the free 7-day trial to complete one unit from the course along with the daily microlessons. Go ahead and start today!

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