Vocabulary Games – Learn English in a Group


Learning English in a group can be great fun so get your friends together, make some delicious food and have a laugh! Simple games are a fantastic way to consolidate your knowledge of a language while also learning from others.

We are going to show you three simple games that are sure to entertain you and your friends.


Stop the Bus!

It is a very easy game to play: first go and get some pieces of paper and pens. Create as many columns as there are categories that you want to use. The first column will be designated to a random letter of the alphabet.

Once you have chosen a letter from the alphabet, all participants will have to write a word in each category, and the first one to complete all the columns will say “Stop the bus!”.

For example: if the chosen letter is “S”, and the categories are “Item of Clothing”, “Town or City”, “Fruit or Vegetable”, “Sport”, “Animal” and “Colour”, you could write the following words: sweater, San Diego, spinach, soccer, snake and silver.

Word Chain

Start by choosing a word, for example “banana”. The next person will have to think of a word that starts with the last letter of that word, for example, “apple”. The following person will then do the same. “Apple” ends in “-e”, so they could say “elephant”.
The game continues until someone makes a mistake by saying a word starting with the wrong letter or repeating a word that has already been used. When this happens, a new word is chosen and the game starts again!

To make the game more complicated, you can select specific categories, for example, all the words must be countries or food. The better your English vocabulary skills are, the tougher you can make the game!

Questions and Answers

For this game you need some slips of paper. A slip of paper is a small piece of paper.

Once you have the paper, decide how many questions each participant will write. If you choose three questions per person, give each person three slips of paper so they can write on them.
Some possible questions are “What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?”, “What was your worst holiday?”, “What are your hobbies?”. Then mix all the slips of paper in a bag.
Each participant will chose a piece of paper and answer the question on it! This will test your comprehension and speaking skills.

Now go and have some fun!


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