Useful phrases for communicating with your Airbnb host

Who isn’t familiar with Airbnb nowadays? For those who are unsure, it is a community that enables travelers to choose a “home-like” accommodation instead of a hotel and the like. It’s simple and intuitive: just select where you are going, enter the dates and number of guests, and add the desired filters (price, room type, services, etc.).

As clear as the description and house rules may be, there are always questions, requests, or comments you may want to communicate to the owner of the house before arrival. Here are some English phrases that could be useful if you need to send a message.


What happens if my plane is delayed and I can’t pick up the house keys at the scheduled time?

Do you have a garage? Or is there any parking area close by? Do you have to pay for parking?

Is breakfast included in the price? If so, what does it consist of?

Are there towels for the bathroom/beach? How many per person?

Is the bathroom equipped with a shower or a bathtub?

Do you have a hairdryer in your house?

Is there a washing machine/ tumble dryer? Is it possible to use it?

Are there steps in the house/flat?

What floor are you on? Is there an elevator?

Are there enough dishes for X people

Is the stove gas or electric?

What type of sockets do you have in your house?

Does the flat/house/room have air conditioning? Are there any fans?

I’m coming with a baby. Is there a high chair/cot?

Is your place close to a supermarket/pharmacy/gas station?

Are pets allowed? I can’t leave my dog/cat/etc. at home and I’d love to bring him/her with me!

Is your place quiet? Are there any streets full of traffic or are there any bars/clubs?

Is your flat/house in a safe neighborhood?

How many sets of keys will I get?

Is there a balcony/terrace/garden?

What’s the closest subway station/bus stop/train station?

Is there any extra fee I should know about?

Are there any special rules I have to keep in mind?

Are there trash cans close by or does the garbage collector collect the garbage? Do you recycle?

Is there a cleaning service? If so, is it included or is it an extra cost?


When you start writing, remember to check all the information provided by your host: to make sure you don’t make a mistake, repeat it at the beginning of your message asking for confirmation. After that, it is a good idea to provide a brief description of who you are and the reason for your visit. That way you can put the owner more at ease because no one wants to have any problems or surprises on vacation!

Also remember to ask what the policy is for changing or canceling your reservation, as it may change depending on the owner and the country.

If your English is not very good, don’t worry, your host’s may not be either! Do you want to brush up on a little English before writing?

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  1. Very useful phrases to feel confident abroad.

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