The best podcasts to learn vocabulary in English

Looking for the best podcasts to learn English? Then be sure to read this article!

We’re going to share 10 podcasts that will help you expand your vocabulary in English as well as hone your listening skills.

With this collection of podcasts, you’ll learn:

  • to understand the differences between British and American English;
  • many uses of the word some that you might not have even imagined;
  • to answer the phone or speak on the phone;
  • some new vocabulary that will help you express yourself clearly in the perfect present;
  • some words in English that are easy to confuse;
  • and much more!

It’s time to learn. Enjoy the lesson!



1. American and British English

If you’re visiting the United States and your friends invite you to play football, you might be surprised when you end up playing “American football” instead, which you rarely use your feet to play. 🏈

Football, a popular sport that originated in England, is known as soccer in the United States.

Do you want to know more about the differences in vocabulary between American and British English? Then check out this podcast. 



2. Speaking on the phone in English

Making a traditional phone call can be a real challenge since we can’t see the gestures made by the person we’re talking to.

Fortunately, today there are a lot of tools available like video conferencing, which allow us to use visual cues to understand and/or be understood.

Anyway, making phone calls in English involves certain expressions and very specific ESL vocabulary that you ought to know. Listen to this podcast and learn with examples.



3. How to use some

Beyond its conventional use in something or some, in English, you’ll find many words that begin with some, such as somehow, somewhere, somebody, someone, someday, etc. 

In the following podcast, you’ll hear a short story that uses these expressions in context and gives a brief explanation of each one. 



That’s great! We’re excited to hear that you’re making progress. Remember that you can also continue your lessons from the comfort of your mobile or tablet, thanks to the ABA English app.


4. The seasons

What’s your favourite season? Summer, the best time to go to the beach and play sports. Autumn, which is perfect for inspiration and nostalgia. Winter, a time to stay at home and read or watch movies. Or spring, when projects flourish, including learning new ESL vocabulary.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about the seasons and some related terms.



5. Different ways to say hello

Don’t restrict yourself to greeting people in English with the classic expressions of “Hello” and “How are you?” English is full of ways to greet people and ask how they’re doing.

Listen to this podcast to learn new vocabulary with examples. 

Remember that the best podcasts to learn English and expand your vocabulary are from ABA English.




6. Question words in English

What? Where? Why? Who? When?… Known as question words or wh- questions, these are very useful words for inquiring about something or someone.

Check out the podcast to hear a brief description of each one, plus some practical examples. 



7. Words we use with the present perfect tense

We usually use the present perfect to describe an action or event that began in the past and is still valid in the present.

There are expressions such as already, yet, not yet, still, still not, and never, which are often used with the present perfect tense and which will be very useful to you.

Listen to the podcast and learn about these words with various practical examples. 



8. Don’t confuse the following words

During the English learning process, finding words that are similar in spelling and/or pronunciation is normal. It’s also normal for you to experience some misunderstandings.

For example, the word loose means “not tight” while lose is the opposite of “win”. 

It’s definitely not the same to lose your pants as it is to have them be a little loose!

Listen to this podcast and learn more “confusing” words in English.



9. How to congratulate someone in English

When we manage to achieve goals in life such as finishing a race, taking a trip, or even winning a prize, it’s exciting. It’s also a good excuse to celebrate and congratulate the person who has achieved something. 

In this podcast, you’ll learn some ways to congratulate someone, both formally and informally, so that you won’t miss out on these important moments the next time they happen.



10. The meaning of benefit

Do you think you’re enjoying any benefits in your life? We usually understand “benefit” as something extra, like a privilege that we can get from a situation, a job, or because we’re simply lucky. 

In English, the word benefit has several meanings, which can vary according to use and context. 

Check out this podcast to learn four uses of benefit along with a detailed explanation of each one.



We hope that you’ve benefited from this great collection of the best podcasts for learning English and that you can use them as often as you like.

Keep visiting our blog to learn English with podcasts and more resources. 

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