Phrasal Verbs with “Get”

Phrasal verbs are very common in English and are used on a daily basis especially in speaking, therefore it is extremely beneficial to get accustomed to using them when speaking and writing, as well as understanding what they mean. We will be doing exactly that today. Let’s focus on a few phrasal verbs starting with the verb “get.”

Let’s take a look at a short paragraph about a scuba diving academy in Thailand and notice the use of the phrasal verbs!

Remember first:

1. Read
2. Understand
3. Practise

“Our diving school on Koh Tao island Thailand has been open for 10 years this summer. We get people of all ages coming to learn to dive and study to be dive masters at our academy. The first thing most people need to get over when they come here is their fear of water. It may surprise you to know just how many people are afraid of getting in the water and staying in it while holding an oxygen tank on their backs and a mask over their faces.

Most people get along fine but there are always a few casualties who just can’t seem to get a grip with all of the equipment and situations they are put through. A good way to get around one’s fear of water is by spending as much time as possible in the water, especially open water. Which is what we try to do from the first day onwards so that our students can get down to business and learn to dive and handle themselves in deep water.

Normally we have people of many different nationalities coming to our school to learn and they all get along well with each other as they all share a common interest. Diving is both fun and exciting and for those who haven’t tried it you really should! Once you are able to get out into the water and float above the beautiful coral and fish, you may feel that you are on another planet. Come visit us here in Thailand for an unforgettable experience!”

Phrasal verbs with “get”

Get over (something) – stop thinking about something or overcome a problem.

Get in – enter something, such as a place or vehicle.

Get along – to manage to continue doing something or make progress in a situation.

Get a grip – to make an effort to control your emotions and behave more calmly.

Get around – bypass or overcome a fear or problem.

Get down to – become serious about doing something.

Get along with – have a good relationship or be friendly with someone.

Get out into – to arrive into an open area normally nature or the sea.

Remember that learning phrasal verbs is easy and fun, it just requires practice! So keep on learning and you will get along just perfectly!



  1. Hello, in the sentence: “therefore it is extremely beneficial to get accustomed to using them IS speaking and writing”
    Is there really that “is”? Shouldn’t there be “in”?
    If not, please will you explain me why?

  2. thank you for the way you make ease to learn and practice English. I am enjoying your classes.

  3. It is amazing and extremely beneficial grammar lessons

  4. Happy with my lessons!

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