Learning English with Stories – “The Greatest Treasure”

Hello everyone!

We have another story for you to learn English with. Learning stories is a great way to learn English because we get involved in the story and remember vocabulary without thinking.

When we are watching a video of a story, the situation helps us understand what the words mean. This is very important because it will be easier to remember the next time.

The Greatest Treasure” is about the adventures of a young boy who meets lots of friends on his journey. He is looking for a special treasure… watch and find out!


Treasure – something valuable (such as money, jewels, gold, or silver) that is hidden or kept in a safe place.

Exclaim – to say (something) in an enthusiastic or forceful way.

Hunt – (in this story) to search for something or someone very carefully and thoroughly.

Dense – having parts that are close together.

Danger – the possibility that you will be hurt or killed.

Craggy – full of high and very steep areas of rock on a mountain or cliff.

Swift – happening or done quickly or immediately.

Meadow – a usually flat area of land that is covered with tall grass.

Galloping – quickly developing or increasing.

Thrilling – very exciting.

What was the “greatest treasure”?

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  1. Good morning Aba!

    Thanks for this video.

    The answer for the question “What was the ‘greatest treasure'”? are:

    The good feeling that all animals have had difficulty spending the time to help each other.

    Each animal help with your strength or skill, …

    A very good history.

    Have a good weekend!


  2. We appreciate your support, Naveen!

  3. Ahmed Abdulsalam

    The real treasure is you guys

  4. Ahmed Abdulsalam

    But I thing You Must Put it in a series way

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