Learn English with the News: “The Art of Crying”


Art comes in many shapes and forms and each one of us probably likes a different type of art: impressionist paintings, modern sculpture, classic literature, street art, etc.

The art Leandro makes is, however, different.

Read more to find out exactly how he makes his paintings. It’s crazy!

1. Read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the news


Argentine artist Leandro Granato’s eccentric painting technique is making quite a splash.

Granato snorts watercolor paint up his nose and then squirts it from his eyes onto a canvas.

– The technique consists of introducing the paint through the nose cavity, through the nose and using pressure to expel it and induce the tear. I can create a stream of short or long tears to paint.

And his tears are not in vain – Granato’s works fetch thousands of U.S. dollars in art markets. Each painting takes between 15 minutes and one month to finish and uses about three cups of paint. And because of this unique method, buyers also get a video when they acquire an artwork.

– To verify my works I set up a camera and for every painting I do, I have an original video. So, when a person wants to acquire a painting, they get a certified painting with a video that proves what was painted.

And if you think all those colors might blur Granato’s artistic vision, then wipe away those tears – the artist says his paints are made from a special formula and so don’t damage his eyes.


IMG_8022-copy-340x190Eccentric -tending to act in strange or unusual ways.

Splash – to move, fall, or hit something in a noisy or messy way.

Snorts – to force air noisily through your nose.

Squirts – to suddenly force (a liquid) out through a small opening.

Canvas – a strong, rough cloth that is used to make bags, tents, sails, etc.

Cavity – a hole or space inside something.

Expel – to officially force (someone) to leave a place or organization.

Induce – to cause (someone or something) to do something.

Stream – any flow of liquid or gas.

In vain – without success : without producing a good or desired result.

Fetch – to be sold for (an amount of money).

Acquire – to get (something) : to come to own (something).

Verify – to prove, show, find out, or state that (something) is true or correct.

Certified – having met the official requirements that are needed to do particular type of work.

Blur – something that you cannot see clearly.


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