Learn English with Stories: “Roberto Cavalli”

Hello everybody!

Today is dedicated to those of you who enjoy fashion. Roberto Cavalli was the first designer at Israel’s Fashion Week in Tel Aviv.

1. First read the text
2. Understand the vocabulary
3. Watch the video


“Tel Aviv gets fashionable again. Italian designer Roberto Cavalli kicked off Israel’s first Fashion Week in more than 30 years.

Fresh from the runways of Milan, Cavalli presented his Spring 2012 collection, which featured barely-there animal prints, sheer chiffon and backless straight-line dresses. The Italian designer says fashion has become global and when it comes to being fashion-forward, Israel is no exception.

– I feel that fashion today is no Israeli, Italy, American, England. It’s international. Because all of you read the same magazines that all of what you’re reading…We watch the same movies. And fashion is there. From there you get idea what to buy.

Leading Israeli designers will showcase their collections during the week, which is supported by Israel’s tourism ministry and local business.”


Learn fashion vocabulary with ABA EnglishKicked off – the start of something.
Example: “We kicked off the holidays by going out for lunch”

Fresh from – having recently left or come from (a place, such as a school).
Example: “She went to live in New York, fresh from leaving university”

Featured – to discuss or mention (something or someone) in a noticeable way.
Example: The magazine featured Jennifer Anniston on the front page”

Barely-there – hardly or scarcely. In this context used for clothes that do not cover the body.
Example: “The dress she was was barely there, it was so small!”

Animal prints – cloth that has a pattern printed on it, in this case animal designs.
Example: “I love my animal print T-shirt”

Sheer – very thin.
Example: “Maria had very sheer leggings on”

Chiffon – a very thin cloth made especially of silk.
Example: “My mum gave me a chiffon scarf for my birthday”

Fashion-forward – up to date on fashion. In this context, modern.
Example: “She is always wearing the latest designer clothes, she’s so fashion forward”

Showcase – to show (something or someone) in an attractive or favorable way.
Example: “The event showcases the best musicians”

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