How to Make Someone Understand That You Do Not Agree in English

You will agree with us that one of the most difficult things to say to someone that you do not share their opinion and that you do not agree with them. On one hand, there is the importance of expressing your point of view while on the other is your desire to not hurt the other person’s feelings. That is why today we will present five ways to say that you do not agree with someone, in addition to the simple “I disagree.”

Before starting, remember to follow these simple precautions when you consider it appropriate:

  • Acknowledge the opinion of your interlocutor.
  • Make sure that you understand what they have said before contradicting it.
  • Present the reasons why you do not agree.
  • Apologize when presenting an idea that is different from your interlocutor.

I am not sure about that.

This is a kind way of showing disagreement with someone you are talking to. Instead of saying directly that you do not agree, with this expression you show that you feel doubt about what has been said. This is an indirect way of saying that you do not agree which is very common in the United Kingdom.


Catherine did well to accept that job offer.

Well, I am not sure about that. With her degree, she could have found something better.

Not necessarily.

This expression is also a kind way to express doubt about the validity of what has been affirmed.


It is better to own property rather than renting.

Not necessarily.

I don’t see it that way.

This expression is a kind, but more direct way of saying that you think differently.


Immigration is a phenomenon that is changing the social structure of Europe.

I don’t see it that way.

Well, in my opinion…

This expression introduces an alternative opinion without expressing disagreement. It is very effective and politically correct.


Studying grammar is the first step in learning a foreign language.

Well, in my opinion, it is better to start with listening.

No way!

This is a direct and informal way to express disagreement that should only be used with friends and people that you know well. It should never be used in a formal context.


I think Mario’s makes the best pizza in town.

No way! I absolutely prefer Jamie’s.

When learning a foreign language, it is very important to understand the nuances of different expressions in order to respect the sensitivity of the people you talk with. Have you ever thought about taking an online English course? With ABA English, you will not only learn the rules of English grammar but also the most appropriate ways to express yourself in the various contexts of everyday life. Why not try our course?

Yes, I want to try the course!
OK, I want to see a short film!

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