English Glossary of Office Furniture and Stationery with Example Sentences

It’s nine o’clock in the morning. Just like any other morning, Anna leaves her home to head to the office. She says goodbye to Paul, puts on her jacket, and jumps on the bus. Today is a special day. John, the new manager form Wales, is coming to the office! He must be a kind and helpful person; he even sent an email to everyone to introduce himself. They will hopefully be good friends soon! This will be the perfect opportunity to improve her English since he only speaks English.

In order to prepare herself properly, Anna asked her teacher, Robin, to help her learn the English names for office supplies and furniture. This will come in handy today at work, as she has to do the stationery inventory and prepare the new orders. Let’s see what Anna learned together!


What a list! In the office, there are endless supplied and every day you need something new. Anna’s closet is full of pens, paper, and staplers, but there always seems to be something missing or something she cannot find. Here is the list of stationery items in English:

Notebooks Whiteboard marker
Paper Whiteboard eraser
Pen Folder
Pencil Classic lever arch file
Eraser Punched pockets
Marker Metal binder clip
Sharpener Desk organizer
Highlighter Glue
Hole punch Packing tape
Ink cartridge Correction tape

First Aid Kit

Anna included the English names of items found in the first aid kit on her list. Today, among the many things she has to do, she must verify that there is nothing to replace or add to the first aid kit.

Plasters Scissors
Sterile gauze Cleansing wipes
Painkillers Thermometer
Bandages Cream or spray to relieve insect bites and stings
Safety pins Antiseptic cream
Disposable sterile gloves Antihistamine tablets

Office Furniture

In order to prepare herself, Anna revised some of the names for office furniture as well. After all, learning new words is always useful. Today she might need to ask John something and does not want to be unprepared. Here is the list that she prepared with words to review and memorize:

Desk Bookcase
Desk chair Stool
Paper bin Cart
Drawer Monitor stand
Shelf Corbel
Storage box Locker

Useful Sentences

During her bus ride, Anna decided to write down some sentences that could be useful. During the day she can take a look at her notebook every time she needs to. Let’s read them together.

Can you hand me a pen, please?

We need to order markers for the whiteboard. We’ve run out!

The printer ink has run out. We must include it in the order!

Could you hand me the lever arch file from the second shelf of the bookcase, please?

Could you put the highlighters on the desk?

I put all of the documents in the red folder. You can use the green one for tomorrow’s.

The punched pockets are inside the cabinet. Could you get me a pack?

Have you prepared the stationery for this afternoon’s meeting?

The paper bin is full. Would you mind emptying it?

Can we add ink cartridges to the order?

Are You Ready to Improve Your Vocabulary?

Thanks to the sentences Anna had prepared, the day went great. Despite the language barriers, both the inventory and the orders were completed and even the organization of the meeting went great. Anna was able to speak with the new manager in clear and fluent English. Most importantly, she understood his instructions and requests. How satisfying!

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