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The use of “will” in English


Hello ABA friends! The modal verb “will” is very important to learn in English as it will help you use the simple future tense in the correct way. Two common future forms are “will” and ...

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5 Ways to say “I understand”


Hey everybody! As you will all know, the most common way to express agreement and understanding in English is by saying the sentence “I understand”, however it is very important to try to use more ...

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10 Animal inspired English idioms

Top 10 funny animals idioms ABA English

What’s new, everybody? At ABA we are all great and have been working hard to make sure you have as much material as you can to continuously improve your English. As we all know, the ...

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Nature idioms in English


Good morning everyone! So, as we all know, English is a rich language which is full of idiomatic expressions. These are sentences that have a specific meaning which cannot be translated literally to other languages. ...

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