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The impersonal pronoun “it”


What’s new ABA family? We’re back and we have another action packed grammar blog post for you, so that you continue to improve your level of English. Today we are going to be focusing on the impersonal pronoun “it” and when it tends to be used in the English language. When do we mainly use “it”? The expressions in which ...

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The worst sources for TOEFL vocabulary


Originally posted on the Magoosh TOEFL blog! Learning vocabulary is one of the most basic parts of studying English, so getting good vocabulary is massively important. But there are a range of different types of vocabulary, depending on your needs. For the TOEFL specifically, academic vocabulary is helpful, as is common conversational vocabulary. There are many resources that are bad ...

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How to connect to ABA’s live classes


Hello, friends! A few months ago, ABA English started to broadcast live English classes through Facebook, presented by our Teacher Robin from Texas (USA). Students have been enthusiastic about the classes since the very first one, but there are some who still don’t understand exactly how the live classes work. That’s why we’re going to explain in detail how to ...

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