25 Most Useful Phrasal Verbs

25 phrasal verbs ABA English

Phrasal verbs are not students’ favourite topic, are they? There are so many in the English language and each one has many different meanings. This is why it’s important to begin memorising the most important ...

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Adverbs of time and place


In the past units you have studied all about adverbs. For example in unit 16 you learned about adverbs of frequency, in unit 75 you focused on adverbs of quantity, and finally in unit 83 ...

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The use of “will” in English


Hello ABA friends! The modal verb “will” is very important to learn in English as it will help you use the simple future tense in the correct way. Two common future forms are “will” and ...

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Agreeing with negative sentences

Agreeing with negative sentences ABA Englih

Hello there! Today we are going to look at how to agree with negative statements in English using “neither” and “either.” Let’s get to it! The word “neither” is  a combination of “not” and “either” ...

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Past simple of “to have to”

Past simple of to have to ABA English

Hello friends, In Unit 54 you learnt all about the modal verbs “must” and “have to” in the present form, and how to use them correctly. “Must” has no past form, so we generally use ...

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Present perfect continuous


Hi everyone! A very important tense used in English is the “present perfect continuous” tense. By now you should all know how to use the “present perfect” tense which was studied in unit 85 of ...

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