Business Vocabulary – True grit and how to get it

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True grit – and how to get it

Successful leaders are passionate and focus resolutely on growth. Psychologists call it grit, writes Dave Ulrich
We learn to win. Learning underlies organizational agility, predicts leadership success, and improves individual productivity. 

How do we improve our capacity to learn? Learning has two dimensions: personal energy and passion and an ability to demonstrate a growth mind-set. Psychologists call this virtuous combination “grit”, concluding that grit is a better predictor of long-term personal, educational, and leadership success than intellect (IQ), emotion (EQ), or sociability (SQ). When presenting to large groups, I like to ask: “Raise your hand if you are glad that IQ is not the biggest predictor of your personal or professional success. If you did not understand the question, raise your hand!”

Here’s my list of how to enhance grit (from research, experience, and observations.)

1. Set realistic expectations. Sometimes, we try to achieve the unachievable. Grit needs to be directed with realistic expectations.

2. Take a risk. Challenge yourself to do new things. Habits and routines are 70% to 80% of our lives, but experimenting with new routines allows us to grow. See change as opportunity not threat.

3. Persist in the face of setbacks. When trying something new, it often won’t work and it is very easy to blame and rationalize. Face mistakes, run into them and honestly evaluate what worked and what did not work.


grit – mental toughness and courage

underlies – to form the basis or foundation of (an idea, a process, etc.)

leadership – the power or ability to lead other people

mind-set – a particular way of thinking : a person’s attitude or set of opinions about something

enhance – to increase or improve (something)

threat – someone or something that could cause trouble, harm, etc.

setbacks – a problem that makes progress more difficult or success less likely

Face – to deal with (something bad or unpleasant) in a direct way

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