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6 business English videos to use at work

Mastering business English is one of the most pressing challenges for executives and workers in general.

Companies know that having employees that are proficient in the English language will give them the added value they need to be competitive, maintain optimal relationships with their customers, and comfortably navigate new markets.

In this article, we want to share 6 valuable lessons with you, which you’ll be able to implement in your work and which will undoubtedly help you raise your business English to the next level.

Do you know the best phrasal verbs to use in the office? Do you know how to give appropriate feedback in English? Do you want to learn effective tips that you can use in your next business meeting? Well, we’re here to show you how to do those things.



Phrasal verbs for the office


Also known as compound verbs, phrasal verbs are constructed by adding an adverb or preposition to the verb, which changes its meaning entirely. These are frequently used in English, so it’s important to learn how to use them fluidly. 

In the following video, you’ll learn some phrasal verbs that you might find at different moments in the workday: while making a phone call, before and during a business meeting, and some that you might also encounter on a busy day.




How to ace your next job interview


A job interview can be a stressful event in anyone’s working life. What should I say? How should I dress? What aspects should I emphasise? Many questions can arise and sometimes your nerves can play tricks on you. 

There’s no need to be concerned. In this video, you can count on the help of an expert, who will share the best tips on how to make your next job interview in English a success and how to leave the best impression. 

First, you’ll learn vocabulary related to job interviews. Then we’ll talk about the strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes to avoid. Finally, we’ll share some questions that can come up during these interviews. 

Practice makes perfect, so try to practice what you’ve learnt with someone else.



Writing a cover letter in English


Continuing with the subject of the job interview, in this video, you’ll find some very useful tips for preparing a document called a cover letter. 

Do you know what that is? It’s not the same as the CV (UK) or résumé (US), which is a general description of your work experience in the form of a list or bullet points.

A cover letter is a document in letter format that serves to present your CV. In it, you must explain why you’re presenting your CV and go into more detail about your knowledge and experience. 

In general, your cover letter will allow you to make a positive first impression.




We hope that your business English is improving. Remember that ABA English offers a complete online business English course that is flexible and personalised so that you can perform your job more effectively.




Tips for successful meetings


If you would like a work meeting in English to be successful, you should be aware of the appropriate vocabulary and expressions used in this context. 

Remember that in English, there are certain expressions of courtesy that you should use, such as when you’re interrupting a speaker or giving your opinion. If you say something casually or informally, you may give the other participants the wrong impression.

Watch the following business English video so you can be an active participant in your meetings.



How to give great feedback


There are different situations in which you can give (or receive) feedback. 

Essentially, feedback involves a comment where a person states their point of view regarding something they’ve had the opportunity to analyse.

For example, if you visit a restaurant, you can write a comment in person or online about how you felt about the food, giving a negative or positive rating in the end. 

In the workplace, you can give feedback during a meeting or even after a job interview. 

In any event, you should make sure that your comments are constructive and respect the opinions of others.

In the following video, we’ll show you how to give appropriate feedback in the situations mentioned above.



English for marketing


Nowadays, online marketing has taken on a significant role. Companies are aware that they must adapt themselves to these new strategies to position themselves in networks, in search engines, and in general to compete effectively and encourage the public to buy products or services. 

In this video, ABA English’s marketing expert will explain some details about the vocabulary and strategies related to this exciting world.




We’ve reached the end of our collection of the best business English videos. Now you have many tools that can be used in your current job or to strengthen your skills for the next one. 

Keep visiting our blog to improve your English every day. You can also download the ABA English app to enjoy our lessons from the comfort of your mobile phone or tablet. If you’re interested in improving your English level, we invite you to register for our English course. It has personalised lessons that will help you improve your English up to the Business C1 level.

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