Advanced Grammar – Compound Words with ‘No’

Good day ABA Friends.

Ok, so we have already learnt how to use compound words with “some” and compound words with “any”. Today we are going to continue with another advanced grammar class with compound words using “no”.

Compound words with “no”

Compound nouns are composed of two words or more but have just one meaning.

No + body = nobody

No + one = no-one

No + thing = nothing

No + where = nowhere

There is no difference between nobody and no-one. They are used in sentences where the verb is in affirmative.


“I have nobody to take me to school”

No-one had any money”

Whereas we use “any” where the verb is in the negative. 


“I don’t have anybody to take me to school”

“I don’t think anybody had any money”

Other uses of “No” and the word “None”

Here are some examples of the word “no”:

“I’m sorry, there is no tea, only coffee”

“They played very well but scored no goals”

“None” is a pronoun that is frequently used to answer the questions “how much…?” and “how many…?”


“How many children went to the park? None.

“Where there many questions after the exam? No, none.

You ROCK! Now you know all about compound words using “no”.

In Unit 99 “Sundays”, you will meet Michael and Henry. Who is the most important person in Herny’s life? You will have to watch our ABA Film!

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  1. I am happy for thie lesson ! Thank you ! BUT the meaning of COMPOUND WORD in french !

  2. Pleqse ,i like one exqmple for comment .

    • Hi Augustin,

      Thanks for your comment. Here are a couple of compound words with “no” in example sentences:

      -“Nobody went to the party last night”
      -“Nothing could be done to help the situation”


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