A Real Life Sunken Treasure

Learn english with the news This Thursday we will be learning some vocabulary from an interesting news video.

Remember yesterday’s “Learning with Stories“? It was about a boy who discovers a very special treasure. Well, today we are going to listen about a real treasure.

We all agree at ABA English, that this piece of news makes us think of the Titanic. A big, old ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean with treasure in it.

Are you ready to listen? Good! Below you’ll find the content, so you can read as you listen. And don’t forget the vocabulary and exercises!

“A real life sunken treasure. Shipwreck explorers have uncovered a British ship that was sunk by a German torpedo off the coast of Ireland during World War II.

The cargo ship was believed to be carrying seven million ounces of silver when it sank. Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. were contracted by the British government to find the ship last year. The firm announced the location of the shipwreck site, which is nearly 4,700 metres below the surface — deeper than the wreckage of the Titanic.

A salvage operation to retrieve the silver bullion will begin next spring.”


Sunken – completely covered with water : lying at the bottom of a sea, lake, etc.

Torpedo – a bomb that is shaped like a tube and that is fired underwater.

Ounces – a unit of weight equal to 116 pound (about 28 grams).

Bullion – bars of gold or silver.


We just listened to a video about a sunken ship. So let’s do a quiz on transport and travel! What is the correct answer to these questions?

a. We went on a three-week sightseeing ________ last year.
b. We booked the ________ and a cheap hotel
c.We collected our ________ from the travel agent.
d. We packed our two large ________
e. We ________  into Leonardo Da Vinci airport.
f. We saw all the ________ and had a wonderful time.

Was that easy? 🙂

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  1. Good afternoon!

    Thanks for this article and video but I don’t understand and therefore I couldn’tt do the exercises.

    Can you give me the solutions in order to learn and come to understand it?

    Have a good day!


  2. Hi Kate,

    Another great lesson, thanks. I love the topic of a sunken ship full of treasure, this is bound to get the interest of students. This is an excellent length of lesson too, I think it’s just the right length to maintain interest and energy. Thanks so much.


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