5 Strange English style breakfasts to try

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We all know that in many different countries there are some very bizarre food traditions, to put it mildly. In the English speaking world there are some bizarre combinations for breakfast and today we are going to explain some of them to you and where they come from.

1. Australia

In Australia they have a yeast extract spread called Vegemite. This spread is either loved or hated by people and it is very common to have this spread on toast in the morning as a kickstarter to the day. If you like yeast, then maybe this is up your street but if not then maybe it won’t be something that you’ll find appetising.

2. Alaska (United States)

In the most north-western state in America they put some bizarre toppings on pancakes. Most other people put sugar, chocolate or maple syrup on them but not in Alaska. There, it is very common to have your pancake topped with an egg and a slice of Rudolph. Yes, that’s right, a piece of reindeer meat. We wonder how people could wake up and quite happily sit down to try that. Would you contemplate trying it?

3. United States (variety of places)

Americans who are partial to meat can sometimes be found eating scrapple for breakfast. The name doesn’t sound overly appetising and when you find out what’s in it, it will sound even less appealing. It is made from leftover parts of a pig that was for dinner before being minced and shaped into a loaf then fried and served for breakfast. If you like a bit of mystery meat, then this may be right up your street.

4. United Kingdom

In the UK, there is a breakfast spread called Marmite which is very similar to Vegemite from Australia. The spread is made in almost the same way as Vegemite and like Vegemite, is either adored or hated. In fact, Marmite has even adopted this idea as its slogan marketing itself by saying “you either love it or hate it”. We think that they may have a point with this one.

5. South Africa

In South Africa they have a breakfast recipe which is called mealie-meal porridge. This is a thick flour which is made from maize. During the cooking process it is added to boiling water and then left to cook before milk is added later to produce a thick creamy substance which is then accompanied by sugar. This is a very common breakfast there and very popular among the locals but does it seem appetising to you?

Would you be willing to try any of them?

These are just a handful of the many different types of breakfast meals that you could encounter but there are many more. Have you tried any of these meals before? What did you think of them?

If you have any unique but strange breakfast traditions in your country then we would love you to tell us about them in the comments.


  1. The meal for breacfast in Poland it’s almost same how in England. bread , butter , jam or ham and a cup of cofee or tee.

  2. jajaja, I had tried the marmite ( it’s awful), time ago before I visited England I’ve heard about the black pudding, once I got
    there I was so excited about it and i asked for it, What can i say? was the worse thing I ever tried , sorry if you are English and have a pride for this piece of…..

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