3 Tips on learning English with songs

When we study a new language, we always try to find ways to make the studying process a little bit more entertaining, but for some people this can be a difficult thing to do. This is what makes all the difference in terms of how much we improve our skills. In today’s post, we are going to look at the power of music and give some handy tips which could help you improve your level of English in a quicker manner while ensuring that the whole process is enjoyable.

Make sure you like the beat

When you sit down to figure out what kind of music you would like to use to help you improve your level of English, it’s vital that you enjoy the music. When I say “enjoy the music”, I mean that it has to be a song that you like the beat to so that you do not feel like you are forcing yourself to listen to something that you in theory, are not actually enjoying.

How will this improve your English?

Choosing music that you enjoy the sound of will make listening to it less of a learning process and more of a chill out process. In other words, you will be improving your English but not feeling like you are studying at any point. Additionally, hearing the lyrics every time you play the music will familiarise your brain to the words so that they become more natural to you.

Study the vocab that is relevant to you

Perhaps with the amount of music there is, choosing the right song or artist can seem like a mammoth task but make it easier for yourself by selecting music that deals with subjects that interest you. In other words, if you enjoy music which deals with social issues then you can try searching for artists whose lyrics reflect these.

Why is this good for your English?

If you have an interest in a topic, then you are more inclined to want to study it. The same applies when we adapt music to learning English. If you choose songs that deal with issues that are relevant to you or a point of interest, then you will be more inclined to research the lyrics to fully understand the message of the song. This is more in depth than listening to a type of music several times, however is very beneficial when it comes to expanding one’s vocabulary on a certain topic in English.

Set yourself memory challenges

The good thing about learning English through music, like I have already mentioned, is that you don’t feel like you are being forced to learn or that it seems like a chore, but is a rather more enjoyable process. This being said, it is always good to challenge yourself which is why once you have chosen your music and started to listen to it, you should set yourself date goals to have understood the lyrics completely and then fully memorised the song.

Is this vital?

Yes. You should always set realistic goals for yourself so that you can measure your own progress. Setting dates a couple of weeks apart for fully understanding lyrics to fully memorising them will allow you to see just how much you have improved. If for example you do not manage to achieve memorisation of a  full song within the time you have given yourself, you know to give yourself more time in the future. By taking control of your own progress and measuring the improvements in your English ability, you’ll cover a lot of ground in record time and see a big difference from start to finish.

Now it’s time to tune in and start learning…

Now that you know the next steps to help you improve your English through music, it’s up to you to go out and start researching artists and songs based on your tastes. The only person who can start this is you. Remember that you can always supplement your learning by signing up to the ABA course for free and gaining access to 144 video classes for free.

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